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How To Give A Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate Front.jpg

Front of Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate Back.jpg

Back of Gift Certificate

Sending a personalized gift certificate is a thoughtful, fun way to give your gift to someone special. There's no charge for the certificate and it's super easy to get. Just follow the simple instructions below. 

1. Choose the class you would like to give to your recipient.

2. Register your recipient and submit payment for the chosen class. 

3. During checkout, in the "Add a Message" box, enter your recipients name & email address and indicate that you would like a gift certificate emailed to them. We will fill out the gift certificate and send it.

4. If you would rather email the gift certificate yourself, or print it and personally give it to your recipient, simply indicate this in the "Add a Message" box at checkout, enter your email address and we will email the gift certificate to you.

Note: If necessary, your recipient is allowed to change their class booking to an open class with a date that better fits their schedule.  Simply contact us and we will be happy to make the change.

The new booking must be the same class description.

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